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The premier motor coach & charter bus rental company servicing Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Book your charter bus now by calling 855-826-6770.




See Saskatoon in a Comfortable GOGO Charters Bus!

Would you enjoy touring Saskatoon in comfort? A modern GOGO Charters rental on our platform offers an ideal way to see attractions in this exciting city in far northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Our platform offers several different sizes of vehicles so your tour group can select the best bus for your passengers. You can contact our reservation desk on a 24/7 basis to make arrangements for your charter or speak with a customer service representative. Call 1-855-826-6770 now!

A Wonderful Tour Location

Charter groups find many fun activities and landmarks awaiting them in the dynamic City of Saskatoon! Now a modern urban area, the community boasts a long history. People have resided in the vicinity for some 8,000 years. However, the first permanent structures only arose in Saskatoon in 1882. Today, you'll enjoy touring this region in a warm, modern motor coach, full-sized bus or minibus. Ride in comfort between destinations within the city, or during longer excursions to points of interest in outlying parts of northern Saskatchewan, such as Batoche National Historic Site or Ft. Carlton Provincial Historic Park. The city offers numerous locations for fine dining. Have fun browsing through stores selling crafts and artwork made by local people. With a current population size between 200,000 and 300,000 (depending on the statistical source), this vibrant northern urban metropolitan area has attracted a growing, active business sector. You'll discover lots of interesting activities here! Participate in events and see community landmarks with the assistance of a GOGO Charters bus rental!

Reliable Transportation

Although this community enjoys very pleasant summer temperatures, we sometimes encounter brutal winter weather. When temperatures drop below freezing and daylight grows limited, you'll want to ensure your chartered vehicles perform reliably. Trust your your driver to furnish dependable roadway transportation throughout the year! When you hire one of a bus, you'll gain greater peace of mind knowing your group travels in a safe vehicle. By keeping our rentals in good working condition, we contribute to the satisfaction our customers obtain from their charters. Just imagine how great you'll feel riding to a destination in this vibrant northern city in one of our luxurious, modern vehicles. GOGO Charters has developed a prestigious name among charter bus companies. Residents of this community depend upon our vehicles for city travel or for longer excursions in Saskatchewan or across Canada!

Excellent Drivers

Another reason you'll appreciate GOGO Charters is for the outstanding drivers. These fully licensed and insured professionals possess experience transporting passengers to their destinations on schedule. They typically possess familiarity with local roads, so they can direct your group to its destination along the fastest, easiest routes. When people select a charter company in northern Saskatchewan, the skills of bus drivers often factor significantly into the decision. Our sometimes challenging climatic conditions mean our drivers must use good judgment in safeguarding passengers. We place top importance upon the safety and satisfaction of our customers. You won't regret relying upon our service! Depend upon a reliable vehicle when your group travels in the city or its outlying areas. We accommodate groups of all sizes and ages. You can ask us to transport students to school athletic competitions, to carry seniors to local health fairs or to relay VIP business guests to conferences. We'll assist your group in journeying to a wide variety of locations.

Travel in Comfort

Of course, the comfort of the vehicles contributes to our company popularity in northern Saskatchewan and across Canada. The luxurious cabins offer temperature-controlled environments. You'll travel in comfort when you hire a rental for your next group excursion. Clean, attractively decorated buses provide a plush, welcoming environment for travel. You'll appreciate the generous, well-padded seating. During your journey you can relax and chat with other passengers, nap or enjoy the surrounding scenery. You'll experience a pleasant trip and arrive at your destination refreshed. Buses permit you to disembark close to a front door or an entrance. Instead of driving to an event in a private vehicle and then worrying about locating suitable parking, you'll receive red carpet treatment when you depend on GOGO Charters. Reach your destination on schedule and later return home conveniently with your group. The excellent access afforded by a rented bus permits seamless travel, even in congested downtown locations.

Contact Us

To avoid disappointment, don't wait to reserve your vehicle. We accommodate groups large and small. Call us now at 1-855-826-6770 to reserve your group's next charter!


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