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Searching for a dependable luxury charter bus company in Richmond, VA? When looking to rent minibuses, motor coaches & charter buses, Gogo Charters has the best selection to date. Our staff is knowledgeable and available 24/7 to help with your bus reservations. We provide the most affordable rates. Call us anytime to get more info about your bus reservation in Richmond, VA.


Rent a Charter Bus to Visit Richmond

GOGO Charters is a charter bus company that has locations around the U.S. and Canada. GOGO specializes in corporate, wedding, church functions and contract services for small or large groups. You don't need one hundred people to afford a bus reservation with GOGO Charters. We work tirelessly to provide you with a dependable, modern experience for your event. In fact, our company received a huge honor when we were ranked number 1 by the U. S. Bus Association. Richmond, Ontario is a small village within a large, capital city of Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. It's a sleepy little community that has 3,300 people, but there are many attractions for the traveler who wants to spend time in a lovely community near the Jock River.

Dixie Chicks in the Spring

Anyone who loves country music has heard of the Dixie Chicks. They came out with Wide Open Spaces in 1998 and Fly in 1999, which won them numerous Grammy awards. Over the years, they've won 13 Grammys and have sold over 30 million albums. While it could be said they are the best selling female country singers, they're actually the biggest female band in sales across the U.S.'s entire history. The country powerhouse trio will be touring in April when they'll hit the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa. They'll also be in Montreal and Hamilton in April. The Canadian Tire Centre has other performers like The Weeknd on May 28, 2017 as well as events like the Monster Spectacular in June. When your favorite band or event tour bus rolls into the city, you can also roll in on your own rented bus with all your family and friends aboard. It eliminates the need to find parking for all the cars you'd need to transport the group. A bus rental can be split among the entire group, which will likely be a savings versus trying to find and pay for parking at the event.

Jabulani Vineyard and Winery

Whether you have an event like a wedding or other family event, you can visit the Jabulani Vineyard and Winery with your entire group. There's no restaurant on site, but they welcome guests to bring a picnic lunch. It's a gorgeous location with a tasting patio and retail store. They have tasting sessions during the day with tours happening in the summer. When you visit Jabulani, you'll be seated at an oak barrel table overlooking the stunning view of the vineyard. It's quite a special view to take in with good friends and loved ones. The tours start in June and last approximately 2 hours. Tour guests will be able to walk among the vines and learn how the vineyard makes its wine. After the tour, there's a wine sampling with 10 wines as well as lessons on how to taste the wine as well as learn why you taste certain flavors. There are a sampling of cheese, fruits and breads available at the wine tasting too. Tour tickets must be purchased in advance, and large groups will need to request special tables.

Canadian Tulip Festival

If you've never experienced a flower festival, you're missing out on the stunning, vibrant colors that can only be appreciated in nature. The Canadian Tulip Festival is an incredible festival filled with a variety of events. You'll be able to see millions of tulips in full bloom at the Tulip Festival in May. It's considered the largest tulip festival in the world as well as being Ottawa's flower. Visitors can enjoy the Landsdowne Tulip Gallery as well as the Garden Promenade. Aboard one of our charter buses, you can bring bikes or rent them in the city to experience all that the festival has to offer. You'll being your 3.69 km ride or walk at city hall and end at Major's Hill Park. There are tour groups available through the Festival's office, and groups should give them a call at the earliest time possible. With the official tour is a special luncheon.

Architecture and Sightseeing in Richmond

There's plenty to do and see in the Ottawa/Richmond area as far as beautiful architecture. Parliament Hill is really a sight to behold when seen from the water. Your group might consider some sightseeing from the nearby water, and if you arrive around noon, you'll be able to hear the bells toll for nearly 15 minutes. There's a lovely park in the area where you'll be able to soak up the history of this location. The Rideau Canal and the Locks are a great way to spend a few hours. They are large wooden doors that are opened and closed by hand much as they were when installed in 1832. You can sit and watch the staff open and close the locks using a hand crank on either side of the lock as boats wait to enter. There could be a dozen in your group or fifty, and you'll all enjoy yourselves on a trip to this wonderful area of Canada where you can take in a concert without worrying about the parking situation or costs or spend the day touring Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal and the Locks.

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